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A Public Apology for my Casual Behavior: a story of lost rings, dumpsters, and the Cross.

Let me tell you friends, He has gotten my attention, and it has been hard, humbling, restorative, and beautiful too. Here’s the story of the miracle I experienced this week.

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When December doesn’t feel like it used to…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to ‘grieve well’ during the holidays because I have convinced myself December is supposed to be perfect. According to my subconscious, December is supposed to be non-stop laughter, and cookies with milk by the tree as the fire crackles nearby.

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Courage, Healing, and a Giving Keys Necklace

I want to tell you that in all of this, our faith has not wavered. We have grief and sorrow – but God’s love for us has never come into question. We do not understand – but still, we pray – and remember the promises God has left in scripture for us.

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The process of simple

Within the simplification phase of the new mantra I’m working on, the end goal I’m sticking with this summer is to get to all of the junk drawers and each of the closets. My silly but effective visual aid: If I found out Beth Moore was coming over and I had 45 minutes heads’ up… Continue reading The process of simple

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Poop under my fingernails

I don’t know about my mom friends out there, but for me, toddler is a season of sanctification. Between flagrant disobedience, countless messes, and random emotional outbursts… my present period of purification looks and smells like baby poop stuck underneath my fingernails. Literally. It has happened twice now. It’s okay, you can gag, it’s totally… Continue reading Poop under my fingernails