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Glory-Strength & Holy Grit, Week 4

He makes us strong enough to take part in the journey and adventure of turning the 5 into 10. He enables glory-strength within us to turn 2 talents into 4. He says  “Come, and see, all that is bright and beautiful.”

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A Soul with Holy Grit – Week 2

Occasionally – we need to do grind work so that we can walk closer towards Holy Grit. We have to be challenged in order to be better.

As we gather here, especially today, we need to make sure we understand what we’ve been asked to do in the word.

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Holy Grit: of the Heart

Heart. What does a heart with Holy Grit look like? What does a heart after God look like? What does the Bible say about heart?

Because if we are to love the Lord with all we’ve got, it will take a deeper knowledge and understanding of our entire being: heart, soul, mind, strength.

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TOUGH: A Biblical Perspective on Holy Grit, POST 2

I will not be able to be beautifully re-made if I am hurriedly chasing after good-yet-earthly things. Practicing Shema means giving God the first and last thoughts of every day – not keeping a running to-do list next to the bedside table.

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When December doesn’t feel like it used to…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to ‘grieve well’ during the holidays because I have convinced myself December is supposed to be perfect. According to my subconscious, December is supposed to be non-stop laughter, and cookies with milk by the tree as the fire crackles nearby.

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Courage, Healing, and a Giving Keys Necklace

I want to tell you that in all of this, our faith has not wavered. We have grief and sorrow – but God’s love for us has never come into question. We do not understand – but still, we pray – and remember the promises God has left in scripture for us.

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Our Miscarriage Story

So here it is. We’ve had another miscarriage. And we’re heartbroken.

I don’t want to pretend. I want to very intentionally go through this while being as honest as possible.

There’s more to our story than hurt. There’s healing to be had. There’s peace out there for us, and I want to share it.