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Holy Grit of the Mind – Week 3

I believe in modern-day post-church culture, the fight for our mind is intense. Instantaneous accessibility to any and all information often leads us to believe that we should know and practice all the things, all the time.  Mind traps from the creator of lies himself begin subtly, conveniently, and cleverly enough, that we often cannot pinpoint the place it began.

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A Soul with Holy Grit – Week 2

Occasionally – we need to do grind work so that we can walk closer towards Holy Grit. We have to be challenged in order to be better.

As we gather here, especially today, we need to make sure we understand what we’ve been asked to do in the word.

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Holy Grit: of the Heart

Heart. What does a heart with Holy Grit look like? What does a heart after God look like? What does the Bible say about heart?

Because if we are to love the Lord with all we’ve got, it will take a deeper knowledge and understanding of our entire being: heart, soul, mind, strength.

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TOUGH: A Biblical Perspective on Holy Grit, POST 2

I will not be able to be beautifully re-made if I am hurriedly chasing after good-yet-earthly things. Practicing Shema means giving God the first and last thoughts of every day – not keeping a running to-do list next to the bedside table.