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Unopened Teaching Session 2

Welcome back for the 2nd Teaching Session! This one I managed to actually record live, haha. We’re diving into Sarah’s story and possible packages… and how we might connect with the Mother of an entire nation.

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Unopened Teaching Session 1

I finally figured out how to get the audio files from the teaching sessions online! Join us here to dive in deeper to Unopened, week 1.

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Unopened Bible Study

Hi friends! I wanted to put a quick little blurb here about the Bible Study that I’ve written for an amazing local organization called Undivided Women. This labor of love has come at a most interesting time in my life – and has been the project I didn’t necessarily dream up – but that has… Continue reading Unopened Bible Study

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When December doesn’t feel like it used to…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to ‘grieve well’ during the holidays because I have convinced myself December is supposed to be perfect. According to my subconscious, December is supposed to be non-stop laughter, and cookies with milk by the tree as the fire crackles nearby.

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Courage, Healing, and a Giving Keys Necklace

I want to tell you that in all of this, our faith has not wavered. We have grief and sorrow – but God’s love for us has never come into question. We do not understand – but still, we pray – and remember the promises God has left in scripture for us.

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Our Miscarriage Story

So here it is. We’ve had another miscarriage. And we’re heartbroken.

I don’t want to pretend. I want to very intentionally go through this while being as honest as possible.

There’s more to our story than hurt. There’s healing to be had. There’s peace out there for us, and I want to share it.

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He was deeply moved 

Have you ever had an experience where something that felt comfortable, secure, and like an all-around pleasant thing was yanked right from underneath you? Something you thought was one way suddenly became something quite different, and beg my pardon for saying this… it sucked. For me, the figurative visual looks a little like this: Digging… Continue reading He was deeply moved