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Holy Grit: of the Heart

Heart. What does a heart with Holy Grit look like? What does a heart after God look like? What does the Bible say about heart?

Because if we are to love the Lord with all we’ve got, it will take a deeper knowledge and understanding of our entire being: heart, soul, mind, strength.

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TOUGH: A Biblical Perspective on Holy Grit, POST 2

I will not be able to be beautifully re-made if I am hurriedly chasing after good-yet-earthly things. Practicing Shema means giving God the first and last thoughts of every day – not keeping a running to-do list next to the bedside table.

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Unopened Bible Study

Hi friends! I wanted to put a quick little blurb here about the Bible Study that I’ve written for an amazing local organization called Undivided Women. This labor of love has come at a most interesting time in my life – and has been the project I didn’t necessarily dream up – but that has… Continue reading Unopened Bible Study

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When December doesn’t feel like it used to…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know how to ‘grieve well’ during the holidays because I have convinced myself December is supposed to be perfect. According to my subconscious, December is supposed to be non-stop laughter, and cookies with milk by the tree as the fire crackles nearby.

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The Hike of all Hikes

We are on vacation in the Rockies, and feeling quite blessed with the opportunity at hand. A bout of altitude sickness stole my first 36 hours and left me pretty depleted the next 12 – so I’ve got some ground to cover. My brother and husband suggested a hike. I love hiking and I love… Continue reading The Hike of all Hikes

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The process of simple

Within the simplification phase of the new mantra I’m working on, the end goal I’m sticking with this summer is to get to all of the junk drawers and each of the closets. My silly but effective visual aid: If I found out Beth Moore was coming over and I had 45 minutes heads’ up… Continue reading The process of simple