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The Apologetics Study Bible: A Review

Hi Friends! I’ve got a fun new venture in the works and wanted to share it with you today. Recently,  joining the B&H LifeWay blogging team has been a God wink for me. I’ll pick out books and Bible Study resources that have just hit the shelves or are about to, read and review them for y’all! This book nerd is SIKED.

I’ve already shared with you about how I am stepping back from writing as much original content as I did last year, but what a fabulous way to share with you all new study materials, books, and reference guides to help all of us in our walk with Christ??

The first thing that I picked is the CSB Apologetics Study Bible. I have spent some time really diving into it and I’m very impressed. I would highly recommend it, and here’s why:

In the preface to the Bible it says this “CSB Apologetics Study Bible brings together in one resource the work of biblically faithful exegetes, historians, archaeologists, theologians, philosophers, and scientists  – and all this work is wedded to the Bible.  “Apologetics” comes from the Greek word apologia, meaning “defense” or “answer.” Accordingly, Christian apologetics is the practice of giving reasons that support the Christian faith and responding to objections raised against it.”

Apologetics is important. 1 Peter 3:15 says this “but in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” As Christ followers, we need to be ready to defend our faith. Especially now, as our culture continues to undermine the authority of the Bible and degrade the morals we claim to believe in.

When we examine scripture, have questions, or have a hard time wrestling with a verse or topic, having different types of study Bibles on hand will give rounded-out information and analysis. We all want to have various trusted sources to help us in our personal time studying the word, and this is a fabulous addition.

The Apologetics Study Bible includes an introduction and notes to help us understand the  general background of each book of the Bible, aiding us in understanding the history and argumentation defending it.  There are over 100 different articles throughout the study Bible with titles like: ‘Does the Bible teach that everyone will be saved?’  ‘Why so many denominations?’ “Does the Bible teach reincarnation?’ and plenty of other huge questions. I am excited to now have this resource of information within a bound cover that includes the Bible.  The edition also includes study the notes on what they’ve titled ‘Twisted Scriptures.’

This is going to continue to be a fabulous resource for our entire family. 

This edition can be purchased at Lifeway Stores, online or on amazon. Just click the hyperlinks to get there!

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