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A Short Verse

We weep for what we have lost,

You sing over us what you give as gain

At the infants’ first cry,

You remind us of your promise

All things will be made new,

We will yield fruit in our right season.

Leaves wither, and strong winds pull them away,

But in due time, buds will re-emerge,

Blossoms will burst forth,

And life will be beautiful again.

We cry out to you with mixed feelings

Desperately seeking your will

Unsure what to say, not exactly knowing how to pray,

We approach you,

With both gladness and grief

We adorn ourselves with your word,

We speak your truth

We walk in the light of your faithfulness

Yet, we anticipate you

We anticipate your coming

We anticipate the day that death will not sting

We wait for your powerful entrance into this broken world

Then, we get up.

We paint our faces,

curl our hair

and face the day.

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