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Unopened Teaching Session 5

The Final Session! Yay! (As of today, I still don’t have Session 4 up – but I’m working on it!)

This Session is based off of the last 3 posts of Unopened from Undivided Women, and the concept of ‘controlled burn’ – you can check those 3 posts out online at:

A little funny note: in the space above us, there was a super fun, loud sounding group of Middle Schoolers whoopin-it-up, haha! So you’ll hear a little laughter and comments about them a couple times.

Without further delay, here it is

And lastly, the listeners’ notes:


Session 5


2 Corinthians 12 : 5 – 10

A thorn in our side, a path of righteousness at our feet


Controlled Burn: God’s people are meant to go through a _______  ___ _______ SO THAT we could be _____________ and made ________.


Scripture references: Proverbs 17:3, Isaiah 48:10, Malachi 3:2-3, Deuteronomy 4:20, Jeremiah 11:4, Zechariah 13:9


“To this end we always pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling and may fulfill every resolve for good and every work of faith by his power.”

2 Thessalonians 1:11


The ______ of our life needs to be acknowledged and ___________ of, leaving room for the _______ and ______ God has called us to.


Some of our __________ may prove to be dross, in need of controlled burn and disposal, yet others may not need to be __________, but ___________ and made pure… it is in this process, that true ____________ can be found.



From the heart of a FREE woman :

I’ve never known this kind of freedom before.

In Satan’s attempts to steal, kill, and destroy my heart and future – God has restored, redeemed, and re-made me. I’ve known the depths of disappointment, but this sweet victory of freedom – is like none other.

There is a closeness with God I now recognize in my heart.

I can love, because I am loved.

I can hear the voice of God, because I know he hears me.

I can trust that all things will work out according to the good and perfect will of God, not because I know answers, but because I believe that He is who He says he is.

I can live like a forgiven woman, because I am one. And when forgiveness looks like a process, I can lean on God for the ability to forgive others.

I can look to Biblical examples – but my one true hero, and ultimate example is He who saves.

I have been lovingly awakened to the truth, and spoken life to.  I have addressed my triggers, and put unnecessary distractions to rest. My scars may still be pink, but they are healing.

I may not feel like a lioness every day – but there is a fire within me that Satan cannot put out.

Because I choose to believe the Lord has purpose in all things. I believe there is purpose in the trauma, the crisis, the heartache, the joy, the love, and the healing.

Because maybe we aren’t meant to ‘fix it’. Maybe we’re meant to crawl on the coals until we get to the other side, because on the other side is beautiful refinement.

We want our lives to reflect His perfect love, so that people will look at our lives and only see God’s perfection, so that we can serve as a witness not of our ‘put-together-classy-good-naturedness’, but of God’s redemption and compassion for his people.

When life is hard, and I don’t understand, I will trust, and choose to let go.

I relinquish potential packages, and do not let bitterness choke out my joy.

I may be a broken woman, but I am not broken-down anymore.

My circumstances may not have changed, but my heart has – and that has made all the difference.

I will remember that even as Satan kicked while I was down, he cannot drag me into the pits of hell. He does not have that power.

So together, as Christian women, we will not give in to the pressures of our culture’s shallow expectations of us.

We believe that our legacy as a Christian woman; wife, mother, daughter, sister, mentor, friend and colleague is far more important than perfectly precious plans. Each day, we work to welcome the challenges that God has uniquely called each of us to carry out during our days here on earth.

We understand that we do not have to live as a package-ridden women, and our stories are not pitiful excuses, but useful tools. We choose to embrace our roles as holy stewards of our testimony, carrying torches for women lost within similar stories and packages – leading the way to an old, rugged cross.

We know that now – as we run towards the cross – our Hero waits on the other side of heaven, giving mercy, grace, and forgiveness freely.

Our Father beckons to us, “come, let me show you my glory, open your palms – upward and empty, and let me show you what a perfect love, and an honorable life looks like.”

And as freed-up women, we can look up and reply, “I’m on my way. Father Here I am, use me.”

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