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Unopened Bible Study

Hi friends! I wanted to put a quick little blurb here about the Bible Study that I’ve written for an amazing local organization called Undivided Women.

This labor of love has come at a most interesting time in my life – and has been the project I didn’t necessarily dream up – but that has been an incredible dream come true.

The study is about us: Women seeking truth and love, wanting to honor God with our lives in the midst of chaos, hurt, and heartache. It’s about finding the beauty God has for us in right in the middle of the crazy, and 4 Old Testament women who have been through it. 

And so here we are, on a 6 week journey I’d love to have you to ride along on.

You can sign up for the e-mails or just read the posts as you like here:

Thanks y’all. – RLD



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