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Hello, 30. 

You’re like a girl scout badge I’ve worked really hard for. My 20’s were awesome – but let’s be honest, they were rough, too. From college to graduation to that time I worked at a dentists’ office, to engagement and wedding season. From honeymoon bliss to homesick nostalgia, it’s been real.
My 20’s were sweet and yet still incredibly hard sometimes. My friends and church community have changed with each of our moves, and so have I.
30, I’m honestly happy to see you. From all of the different highlight and layering variations of my 20’s, the highs and lows of the scales, I’m happy where we are right now. I feel good. Trends are fun, but at this point in my life, I know what I like.


At 30, it’s about quality over quantity, and taking care of what you have. The quality of my possessions, friends, hobbies, and family activities matters more now. I appreciate things and people that will last, and hold up in the wash.


My 20’s taught me that becoming an adult is HARD. There have been things that have knocked me on my bum, and it has been incredibly humbling. But at 21, 24, 27 and 29 – that’s exactly what I needed. I was cocky and headstrong.

30 is a wiser version of 20. Still hopeful and somewhat green, but willing to look before leaping and pray before proceeding.

At 30, we know that life will continue to surprise us and often leave us completely broken. But at 30, we’re stronger. We’ve got muscles we didn’t know existed at 20. We’ve already been tested, and we know what we’re made of.

At 30, I’m not trying to over analyze the next 10 years. I’m just trying to enjoy the ride, and take more pictures.
I’m also done pretending. It is what it is and I am who I am. And I love who I am.


We’ve all worked an entire decade becoming who we are at 30, and that’s worth celebrating.
So here’s to you, 30. It’s awfully nice to meet you.

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