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Sentimental Momma Musings: airplane edition 

Oh little AG,

Lay your head on my chest. I’ll kiss your sweaty brow as the plane makes its way up above the clouds. You’ve played so hard & seen so much.

Oh little traveler, let me be your safe place to rest. Sit still with me as we climb into the big blue sky. 

Do you know you are one of my greatest adventures? 

Time taunts me – I love to watch you learn and grow, but I hate to see another phase end.

Oh little love, you smell like puppy dogs and last nights’ baby lotion. You laugh at life and fear little. Every day brings excitement and another new beginning.
Our little adventurer, life will bring you challenges – we pray you meet each with a fierce commitment to The Most High King.

When the river is too wild for swimming, get in the raft and embrace the ride.
When the climb seems insurmountable, tackle one trail at a time until you get to the top. 

Whatever it is – don’t back down. Secure your stance with the gospel and then plunge forward in boldness and bravery.
As you sleep on me, I feel your chest rise and fall, and in this precious moment I pray that you might look up at me and see some of what I see in you.

This world is not our home and is not welcoming to the one we call ‘Abba, Father.’

You will have to be bold. You will face rejection. There will be things that may never make sense. I won’t always be your first choice, but my arms will always be open, my pillow always available to share. 

Your daddy and I will fight for you. We will fight with you. You will break our hearts and we’ll break yours. 

We’ll share tears and laughs for as long as God lets us. Our constant prayer is to share eternity with you in Heaven. Truth is, you are on loan to us, and it’s the most beautiful challenge we’ve ever taken on. 

But for now, rest with me. Let your tiny body curl up and snuggle on Momma. Even if it’s just for a little while 

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