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Sentimental Momma Musings: airplane edition 

Oh little AG, Lay your head on my chest. I’ll kiss your sweaty brow as the plane makes its way up above the clouds. You’ve played so hard & seen so much. Oh little traveler, let me be your safe place to rest. Sit still with me as we climb into the big blue sky. … Continue reading Sentimental Momma Musings: airplane edition 

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The Hike of all Hikes

We are on vacation in the Rockies, and feeling quite blessed with the opportunity at hand. A bout of altitude sickness stole my first 36 hours and left me pretty depleted the next 12 – so I’ve got some ground to cover. My brother and husband suggested a hike. I love hiking and I love… Continue reading The Hike of all Hikes

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The process of simple

Within the simplification phase of the new mantra I’m working on, the end goal I’m sticking with this summer is to get to all of the junk drawers and each of the closets. My silly but effective visual aid: If I found out Beth Moore was coming over and I had 45 minutes heads’ up… Continue reading The process of simple