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Because you need a break

The only thing I asked for this Mothers Day was a short break. To be responsible for nothing & no one for just a couple days. My man delivered & I am a new person as we head home. Here are some reflective thoughts that surfaced during my sunny 72 hour parenting sabbatical… 

You need to get away from your kids.

You need to actually listen to the words of your favorite album. 

You need to laugh with your man over a meal you didn’t cook. 

You need to sleep in late, like until 8. 

You need to be okay without her & alone with her daddy. 

You need to feel young-ish enough to stay out listening to live music. 

You need to read your new book without the monitor nearby.

Your husband needs to know you still want to be his best friend, too. 

You need to miss the funny way she says ‘tank yoo’.

You need to remember that she’s fine with someone else & it’s right to share her. 

Close your eyes. Lean your head back. Take in the breeze. 

Miss your kids. 

Love on your guy. 

Get quiet.

Practice sabbath. 

Jesus rested and got away from the crowd sometimes – why not you? 

Give Him time to speak into your heart. 

Sit on that balcony and have your own worship service.  

Remember the blessings that surround you amidst the chaos.

Go back inspired, rekindled, reconnected, and made new. 

And get back to your battle. 

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