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Dealing with it: my excess, that is…

Because, it’s the more-than-necessary, ‘extra’ that gets me in trouble. I honestly believed at one point in my life that an over-flowing closet was equal to a form of worth.

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He was deeply moved 

Have you ever had an experience where something that felt comfortable, secure, and like an all-around pleasant thing was yanked right from underneath you? Something you thought was one way suddenly became something quite different, and beg my pardon for saying this… it sucked. For me, the figurative visual looks a little like this: Digging… Continue reading He was deeply moved 

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Because you need a break

The only thing I asked for this Mothers Day was a short break. To be responsible for nothing & no one for just a couple days. My man delivered & I am a new person as we head home. Here are some reflective thoughts that surfaced during my sunny 72 hour parenting sabbatical…  You need to… Continue reading Because you need a break